Camp couldn't happen without you...

Since our very first week of camp in 1954, Fowler has relied on the wisdom,  care, enthusiasm, and love of Christ found in our weekly volunteers.  Since then, we have had over 150 adults come to Camp each summer, primarily to serve as cabin counselors for the 800 campers we have the privilege of hosting every year.

Volunteer cabin counselors work hand-in-hand with our summer staff in order to provide a space where children can be themselves, safely take risks, and explore the wonderful world around them. We know that this model is unique, perhaps even a bit peculiar, but we're asking you to trust us when we say that it's a really beautiful partnership. 

Summer staff are responsible for planning, coordinating, and leading all programming for campers. This allows the volunteer counselors to serve as an extra hand or set of ears for any camper who may need it. Summer staff can lean on the wisdom, experience, and expertise of cabin counselors, and volunteers get to work alongside staff to make Camp Fowler happen, even if it's only for one week.

Our counselors are adults (ages 18+) from throughout Upstate NY and beyond. Many of them are members of local churches who believe in the mission of Fowler; others are former campers and staff who stay connected to Camp by volunteering. Our cabin counselors are often parents, teachers, pastors, or college students. In other words: they are the Body of Christ coming together to witness to the love that God has shown each of them. Are you an adult? Do you care about children experiencing love, acceptance, and wonder? You would make a great cabin counselor...

If you wish to be a cabin counselor, the gist of it is this: you would arrive Sunday afternoon, be assigned a cabin of between 6-8 young people to spend your week with. You attend all scheduled activities with your cabin, sleep in the cabin with them at night, and accompany them on their various sessions during the day. You will wake up, live, eat, and breathe with your cabin for one week and have the opportunity impact their life in a positive and lasting way. This is not a vacation, but we’re confident your experience as a volunteer will leave you refreshed, recharged, and hopeful in a different way.

The Volunteer Application will be available on December 1st, 2019.

children of volunteers

Do you have a camper child the same week you wish to volunteer?  Do you want them to be in your cabin?  If so, log into your online camper account, and enter your name in one of the 'cabin mate' fields. Entering your name in the 'cabin mate' field is the only way to ensure you and your child will be together in the same cabin.

Do you have a tag-a-long you wish to bring to camp?  Tag-a-longs are younger campers and have many of the same requirements to come to camp. Click below to find out more about bringing your tag-a-longs to camp!

notes on volunteer application process

  • Volunteer reviews and confirmations will begin in January.

  • Reviews will be made only after both references are received

  • You will be notified if you have been accepted by email

  • You will be contacted if your requested position is not available