Camp Fowler

About Us

We are a non-profit children's camp grounded in openness, hospitality, and compassionate Christianity.  

We function first and foremost as a summer camp, aiming to provide space for children to be themselves, learn from those who are different from them, and intimately experience wonder and love. Our camping philosophy is pretty simple: get children to play outside, surrounded by an authentic community who accepts them for who they are. No bells, no whistles, just camp.  

In the off season, we offer on-site retreats that revolve around themes of stewardship, relationships, youth ministry, and spirituality. Most of these retreats are open to the public. When they are not being used for Fowler sponsored retreats, many of our facilities are available for private rentals. We frequently host a variety of nonprofits and churches for retreats and workshops.

All income camp generated from retreats, summer camp, facility and rental fees, and donations goes toward need-based camp scholarships and keeping costs lower so all children can come to camp. 


Our Philosophy

We live intentionally in community...


To understand the Christian faith and what it means to be in the body of Christ, we must have solid examples of what community looks and feels like. Living, working, playing, laughing, and crying together allows campers, volunteers, and staff to witness the image of Christ that is present in our fellowship and interdependence.

we live graciously in simplicity...


In an age of ever increasing speed and technology, opportunities to "be still and know that I am God" will become even more important. The "happiness" from being entertained is replaced by the "joy" of creating together. Whether it is music, games, or the pleasure of watching the sunset, we are all challenged to find the presence of God in all areas of our lives.

we live as caretakers of the world...


Our response to God's presence is always one of thanks and care: for the beauty that is around us, for the people who stand beside us, and for the world in which we live. By learning to love outside of ourselves we learn to love others as we wish to be loved.