the 2020 staff application is now available


Each summer, Staff  gather at Fowler for 10 weeks; committing their summer to honoring God by caring for God's children. These adults come from various parts of the country (and outside the country too!) to form a community of faith where they can live into the vision of being in community, living simply, and caring for God's world.  

This is not a job for everyone; but it is a job that will challenge you to make a difference in the lives of the 850 children who come to Camp Fowler each summer. In the process, you might find yourself changed too.

Summer staff are not cabin counselors. They partner with volunteer adults from our churches and communities who come for a week to work with the campers. Staff coordinate the programs and support of camp and end up spending almost all of their waking hours surrounded by campers.
If you wish to serve Fowler as part of our summer staff, you must come with hope that God is still at work in this beautiful world and you must be willing to look for the presence of God in your own life. Serving at a place where children begin to see God's role in their own lives opens us all up to what God is calling us to be.
A summer at Fowler may have an impact that influences the rest of your life. You will receive training in Christian camping skills and in the areas of children and youth ministry. You will also work hard at becoming a faith community that witnesses to Christ through both word and action. Are you ready for a summer that just might change your life?