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since 1954

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Cabin Counselors with camper children and tag-a-longs

Do you have a camper child the same week you are volunteering for?
Do you wish your child to be in your cabin?

If yes, log into your online camper account, and enter your name in one of the 'cabin mate' fields.

Entering your name in the 'cabin mate' field is the only way to ensure you and your child will be together in the same cabin.

Do you have a tag-a-long you wish to bring to camp?
Tag-a-longs are mini campers, and have many of the same requirements to come to camp. Review this list of requirements and determine if your child meets them. If so, click the Tag-a-Long registration link and register your child. A tag fee of $300 applies and is due at the time of registering, payable with a credit card. Link

  1. Fowler only accepts online registrations and paper registrations for tags.
  2. Child must reside in the parent's cabin.
  3. If older than five the child must be the same sex as the parent.
  4. The tag must be two grades/and or two years younger than the attending campers.
  5. All medical requirements for campers apply to tags. Immunization list and a Medical Authorization Form (MAF) must accompany the child to camper/tag check-in. Download the MAF from the link provided on this page.
  6. Tags must be registered by May 1.
  7. To confirm Tag availability, full payment must be received. Once confirmed the fee is non-refundable.
  8. Registration is subject to bed availability.