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What is Camp Fowler?

"Camp Fowler offers a safe community where all are truly welcomed.  Fowler also encourages kids to explore and push themselves to try things they may have been fearful of trying.  Because the message is, "we won't give up on you", they gain confidence.  In addition, because no electronics are allowed, the kids can really experience having fun in a very basic, simple way, as well as gaining an appreciation of the natural environment.  The example of "compassionate Christianity" is truly set, as is the idea of become stewards of the environment."

-parent feedback

Camp Fowler is a non-profit Christian children's camp that practices a compassionate Christianity that is grounded in openness and hospitality.  Fowler seeks to live into its mission of being a place  where all are called to live:

  • more intentionally in community,
  • more graciously in simplicity, 
  • and more consciously as caregivers to creation.

To view what kids get to do at camp, visit our summer camp page, where you can find detailed descriptions of our programs.


Throughout the year Camp Fowler provides a number of Adirondack style rental facilities, including lodging, a chapel, private cabins, and meeting and banquet space. These facilities are used for personal and professional retreats, weddings, banquets, family reunions, etc.

Fowler also provides several retreats throughout the year, which all are welcome to attend. Retreat themes often include topics that revolve around stewardship, relationship building, youth ministry needs, and spirituality. 

All income camp generates from rental fees, retreats, summer camp, and donations goes to help keep camp fees at a reasonable level as well as providing scholarships to children with financial need.

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Camp Philosophy

To understand the Christian Faith and what it means to be in the body of Christ, we must have solid examples of what community looks and feels like. Living, working, playing, laughing, and crying together allows campers to have intentional images of Christ present in our fellowship and interdependence.




In an age of ever increasing speed and technology, opportunities to "be still and know that I am God" will become even more important. "Happiness" of being entertained is replaced by the "joy" of creating together. Whether it is music, games, or the pleasure of watching the sunset, campers are challenged  to find God present in all areas of our lives.
Caring for Creation
Our response to God's presence is always one of thanks for the beauty that is around us and care for all that God has made: both human and the non-human. By learning to love outside of ourselves we learn to love others as we wish to be loved.

Our Food

An excerpt taken from the Camp Fowler Cookbook, written by Jenna Cowan White (Camp Cook 2002-2010).
In the summer of 2002, Camp Fowler took a risk that few institutions at the time were, committing to a new way of conducting their food service. The change was brought about by a desire to align their philosophies of Living Simply, Living in Community, and Caring for the World in all aspects of camp operations.


Our goals are to:

1. Make as much of our food from scratch

2. Ensure that our food is whole and fresh

3. Operate in a sustainable way

The experiment was an immediate success, thanks to the support of the director, manager, camp board, and the summer staff. It required a lot of hard work from all levels to not only get the job done, but also to teach campers about the change and to encourage them to try things that maybe were unfamiliar to them. Campers experienced significantly fewer instances of illnesses, were exposed to and ate many more fresh fruits and vegetables, and many tried new types of foods. Over the last 12 years the bad reputation usually associated with "camp food" has been replaced. Camp food now means something delicious that campers look forward to every summer.

Worship at Fowler



"The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the earth proclaims his handiwork."




Worship at Fowler is a natural progression drawing from the beauty of God's world and the friendship and love we feel as a gathered community. Morning Watch, Discovery Time, and Evening Vespers, are all times to come together and respond in gratitude and love to God. We also share how we have seen this love most fully in life of Jesus Christ.



Fowler is owned and operated by the Reformed Church in America, the oldest continuous protestant denomination in the United States. Part of that heritage is the understanding that all are welcome at camp, whether they are followers of Christ or not. And while the leadership will continue to uphold Christ as lord of our lives, it is our hope that all will find in worship a sense of gratitude to God for this world of wonders.


Summer Sunday Service

10:30 am @ The Chapel-By-The-Lake

All are welcome!

6/25/17 - 8/27/17