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Registration Is Open!!

Still wondering if you should volunteer this summer? 

Check out what Aunt Denise has to say. 

Weeks are filling up. We are full for:
-Male cabin counselors, Triple A

-Kitchen/Maint. for July 24 Una Tierra & Horizons

-Female cabin counselors, Horizons   


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Many of you are already making plans for your kids for summer. We are excited that over 400 of you have already chosen a week of Camp Fowler as part of your child's summer experience. 

We just want to continue to encourage all of you to look for ways to be outside with your children nurturing a love for this beautiful world as well as forging deeper bonds as a family. It has made a huge difference in my own family. Time spent together outside is multiplied by all the laughter and exploration that comes with being immersed in such wonder. 


Camp Fowler Saves Kids

A message from Uncle Kent!

Lower East Side Girls Club honors Camp Fowler

We had a great time in New York City seeing old friends from the Lower East Side Girls Club. For 18 years, Camp Fowler and the LESGC have partnered to provide great experiences for girls to get outside and enjoy God's beautiful creation. Check out the video that Dave Pentecost put together to honor four organizations they recognized at their Annual Gala:





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