Residential Camp

The following is a list of our session offerings for the upcoming summer, including dates, and a detailed description of each week. The grades indicated below each week refer to the grade your child has just finished. Most weeks begin at 4pm on Sunday and end with our Celebration at 4pm on Friday. Parents and families are invited to join us for the Celebration and the hot dog cook out that follows.  A week of camp costs $425 unless otherwise noted.



Grades 9-12

June 24-29, 2018


LEAD week is for high school students who want to hone their leadership skills, give back to the Fowler community and the world, and learn what it looks like to make Camp Fowler happen. With an emphasis on small group activities and discussions, service opportunities, and the chance to learn directly from Fowler staff, LEAD week campers will end their week with 40 community service hours and a greater understanding of what it looks like to be a leader. 

LEAD week is a prerequisite for Camp Fowler’s SWiM (Students Working in Ministry) program. After committing to being a camper during LEAD week, students coming out of 10th, 11th, or 12th grade may apply to return later in the summer during one of our weeks for younger campers to serve as a caretaker, role model, and leader, otherwise known as a SWiM. Our SWiMs are responsible leaders who are committed to making Fowler a welcoming and fun place for children. If you are interested in learning more about the SWiM program and its relationship to LEAD week, please visit our SWiM page


Mini-Una Tierra

Grades 3-8

June 24- WEDNESDAY June 27, 2018 (Cost is $380)

This is the best introduction to the fun and adventure that Summer Camp can bring! Designed for our first time campers who want to see what Summer Camp is like, this "week" packs tons of classic camp activities into three awesome days: swimming in Sacandaga Lake, hiking on many of the nearby trails, canoeing—maybe for the first time, and eating s’mores at sunset. By the time you leave after the third night, you’ll be wishing you could stay longer! 

Una Tierra means “One World” and these weeks are designed to bring campers of all ages together to bring out the best in everyone! "Una Tierra" arises to light a path into the future where compassion, simplicity, and caring can become daily and ordinary experiences.

Pick-up your child WEDNESDAY at 5:30pm and join us for dinner! Departure at 6pm.

#30 & #60

Una Tierra

Grades 3-12

July 1-6, 2018 / July 22-27, 2018

This is one of our most popular weeks of Camp. We LOVE Una Tierra weeks because they are crazy fun for everyone! One of our favorite parts of these weeks is seeing kids of all ages, from third grade to high school graduates, having fun playing, canoeing, eating, and worshiping together. During the day, we’ll have several trips designed especially for the older campers (7th-12th grade), and some special activities planned for younger campers, but everyone always worships, eats, and has free time together as a group!  

 Una Tierra means “One World” and these weeks are designed to bring campers of all ages together to bring out the best in everyone! "Una Tierra" arises to light a path into the future where compassion, simplicity, and caring can become daily and ordinary experiences.

Note: Campers are assigned to cabins by age groups. 3rd-6th graders are in cabins together; 7th-12th graders are in cabins together. We cannot accommodate cabin-mate requests that mix age groups.


Adirondack Week

Grades 7-9

July 8-13, 2018

This week is for explorers, adventurers, and campers who love to be outside! At Camp Fowler, we believe the wilderness is the best playground and during Adirondack week we spend all day playing in it! Each day, campers will choose from a variety of day trips: from hiking tall mountains, canoeing and kayaking down winding rivers, or sailing across Sacandaga Lake on one of our sunfish sailboats. You’ll get to eat lunches by waterfalls, on mountain tops, and floating in the middle of lakes and you’ll return to camp each day for even more fun: campfires, stargazing, and storytelling! 

There’s too much in the Adirondacks to explore in one week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try!


Trail Mix week is the first step in becoming a life long camper at Camp Fowler! Designed specifically for our youngest campers (coming out of 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade), Trail Mix  gives campers the opportunity to experience classic camp activities—maybe for the first time! Each day, campers will be exposed to different camp activities via rotations, so everyone will get to try everything. One day it might be canoeing and learning how to make homemade ice cream, another it might be tie dye and heading out on the trails to hike. The opportunities are endless! Campers will leave loving the Adirondacks and loving summer camp!


Trail Mix

Grades 3-5

July 8-13, 2018



Grades 7-9

July 29-August 3, 2018

Expand your horizons with a week of camp! Horizons week provides you with the largest variety in available activities and you get to choose what you want to do. Each day, you’ll decide what you might want to try: maybe sailing or learning about compost, or you might want to climb a mountain or learn to build an Adirondack chair. You could try your hand at kayaking or canoeing or test your balance and mental strength on our low ropes course. The options are endless! Horizons will give you the opportunity to try new things every day and spend every night chatting with friends around a campfire and listening to the call of the loon.


Triple A

Grades 9-12

August 5-11, 2018 (pick-up 10am Saturday)

Everyone wants to have a summer to remember, right? A summer filled with adventure, rest, good friends, good memories and good food…well, Triple A might be just what you’re looking for. One of our most popular weeks of camp, Triple A always fills fast and fills early because it's just so much fun.

This week is designed specifically for high school students: we start later in the morning and go longer in the evening. We break out our favorite activities during the day: hiking in the high peaks, exploring hidden and little known corners of the Adirondacks, the impossible canoe trip, painting inspi-rocks and iconic Adirondack sailing. You can start your day with fishing or yoga, or maybe going for a run and then a dip in the lake. And you’ll end every evening around a campfire, singing songs and watching the sun dip behind the mountains, surrounded by friends. Sometimes you just need to step out of a hectic high school schedule and get away to be reminded that you are surrounded by friends, and a world full of wonder that is greatly loved - by a great God! 


Triple A Remix

Grades 9-12

August 5-17, 2018

Cost is $800 and signs you up for both Triple A and Remix weeks.

Triple A Remix is a more of a great thing: it’s a second week of Triple A; typically with a smaller group, more opportunities to choose what you want to do each day, and more time to spend with staff. You’ll stay through the weekend after Triple A ends for a full two-week camp experience. Triple A Remix is a unique opportunity to experience Camp Fowler in a new way, experiencing wonder, rest, and fun that you just can’t get in one short week!

You will Register for two weeks of Camp: Triple A and Triple A Remix, listed as Week #80 and Week #85. 


A week of summer camp is the perfect way to wrap up the summer before school starts again! Exploration is designed especially for middle school campers, with tons of opportunities to hike, paddle, and play outside. We’ll do some crafts, explore the woods playing camouflage, and learn about the night sky through stargazing at night. With s’mores, campfires, swimming, and storytelling, this is a classic week of camp to end your summer with a bang!   



Grades 5-9

August 12-17, 2018

Our last week of summer is known as Family Camp! Family Camp is for just that: Families! This means moms, dads and children get to come to camp together. Activities are built around strengths and interests of the families at camp. This camp week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Cabin sharing among families and friends is encouraged. A limited number of rooms in Chi Rho lodge are available (a fee applies). Consider this very popular week for you and your children: the memories created last a lifetime. 

Family Camp

Monday August 20- Friday August 24, 2018