'Old Timers' Work Week


November 18 - 20,  2018


Our honey-do list is quite long...

And we need your help! Join Kent Sunday dinner through Tuesday lunch as we work on all the little projects you probably need to do on your own house!  Plumbers, painters, electricians, handy folk of all kinds are invited to this working “retreat” where we'll tackle all those projects that we can't get done throughout the summer.  Our days will be filled with projects and nights with laughter and reflection guided by Uncle Kent. Those of you willing to help out in this really tangible way are invaluable to us at  Camp Fowler. We can't do what we do without people like you who are willing to donate your time and energy into making Camp Fowler the best it can be. We hope you'll join us.

To help offset the cost of this retreat, we are asking for $75 for the whole retreat or $50 for a one night stay.  Housing is provided in Chi Rho and meals are provided for all those attending.