Staff Alumni

continuing what you started

Camp Fowler exists today because of you. Our ministry is based on the collective effort of the people who came before us and we are deeply grateful for the hard work you put in to make Fowler what it is today. Whether you served on Staff one summer between semesters or can claim Legendary Staff status from many summers, you played an integral role in propelling us into the future of Fowler. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


A Long Tradition

There’s still a Home for you here.




The Staff Alumni Association is intended to provide space and opportunities for you reconnect with your Staff Comrades and reminisce about your time at Fowler. It is also our way of learning what have been up to in the years (or decades) since you’ve been on Staff! You’re relationship with Fowler is special and we want to honor that.

You are uniquely aware of the our needs. You know firsthand what we do at Fowler and you’re able to support us in a special way. Knowing that, we have created a few ways that you can continue to be involved with Fowler, from events to fundraising projects, to volunteer opportunities.

You know better than anyone that Fowler’s ministry cannot happen without the generous support of our community.