Financial Assistance

Camp Fowler is committed to helping all children who desire, attend Camp Fowler regardless of financial circumstances. Please review carefully as some restrictions apply. Questions may be directed to 518-631-6789 or

Church scholarships

Many churches provide scholarship assistance for their campers.

Churches that offer scholarships usually have a policy regarding eligibility, restrictions, and disbursement. Contact your church for policy details.

Some Churches participate in a scholarship code program. If you are eligible, your church will provide you with a scholarship code. The code represents the monetary amount of your scholarship award. You, the parent will need to contact Camp Fowler with your scholarship code. Fowler staff will apply your code to your account. You will receive an email receipt of the code payment transaction.

You can send your code to Camp Fowler by email: or call 518-631-6789.

Not all churches participate in our code program. If your church provides you with a scholarship without a code, Fowler staff will apply the scholarship to your account after your church sends the scholarship payment to our office.

Your account balance is due paid, including scholarship award payments before June 24.

coeymans scholarship fund and fowler aid

The purpose of the Coeymans Camp Fowler Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to children attending Camp Fowler, who without help would not be able to attend. The Fund strives to help as many children with financial need as possible so they too may experience the benefits of a week at Camp Fowler. You can help fulfill that mission by providing some financial assistance of your own, in whatever amount you can afford for your child. 


Follow these directions to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Fill out the application either online or download the packet.

  2. Request a reference/recommendation from your pastor, community associate, service agency, or guidance counselor. An online form can be found here and a paper form here. Your application submission will be delayed if you submit this form without your reference/recommendation completed.

  3. Register your child for camp either online or fill out the form included in the packet.

  4. Those submitting paper registrations are encouraged to provide some payment on behalf of their child with the submission packet. Paper registrations do not confirm camp week. Paper registrations still require references. These can be made on paper or online.

  5. Send your completed scholarship application packet to:

    1. Camp Fowler, 1790 Grand Blvd., Schenectady, NY 12309.

    2. Call or email questions to or 518-631-6789.