Camp Fowler is subsidized by generous gifts that allow us to charge approximately $100 less per camper than actual costs. We also  gives out $10,000-$15,000 in scholarship aid each summer to families of campers who need some financial help. Because we want to make sure that every child who wants to come to camp, can.



With your help, over 1,000 children are able to…

  • swim and canoe in an Adirondack lake

  • eat healthy meals and sing hearty songs

  • make new and often life-long friends

  • hear in word and deed that they are loved by God and others

  • be surrounded by adults who care for and nurture them

  • experience adventure, wonder, and growth

Where will your money go?

Camp Fowler has only 5 full time staff who are responsible for providing camp and retreat experiences for:

  • 800 Summer campers

  • 150 Adult volunteers

  • 30 Summer staff

  • 30 Students Working in Ministry (SWiMs)

  • 10 nonprofit organizations


On our property we have:

  • 40 buildings

  • 1,000' of lakefront

  • 245 acres

  • 48 canoes/kayaks/sailboats

  • 5 vehicles

  • and a plethora of backpacks, tents, and camping gear


We operate with an approximately $800,000 budget, made up of the following expenses:

  • $257,000 for summer camp supplies, events, and seasonal staff

  • $94,000 for food

  • $28,000 for utilities

  • $74,000 for maintenance and vehicles

  • $35,000 for office and support

  • $337,000 for full and part time year round staff


Our income comes from the following sources:

  • $390,000 from Summer Camp

  • $ 265,000 from voluntary contributions

  • $80,000 from Programming for Events and Retreats

  • $77,000 from facility rentals

  • $50,000 from Fowler’s Legacy Fund