Chi Rho House


available off season with limited summer opportunities, lodging for up to 26


Chi Rho (pronounced like the Egyptian city, Cairo) was named after the first two Greek letters in the word "Christ." Quite literally it means "the Christ House" and we hope that you find the peace of Christ during your stay here. Chi Rho is a year round facility that can accommodate one or two groups, serving a total of 26 guests. Bedrooms have either two twin beds or a twin and a queen with a private bathroom. Linen service is provided.

The upper "Great Room" and carpeted lower "Bear Den" provide optional meeting, lounging, and retreat space. The Game Room provides recreation opportunities when it’s too cold to get out and hike or snowshoe one of our walking trails. Meals are lovingly provided by our cook, Jorden Mauro. 

Whether you are sipping coffee watching the snow gently fall, taking a walk along the Trillium Trail to enjoy the spring flowers, coming together with friends or family during the summer, or watching the leaves slowly turn to orange in an Adirondack Chair, you will find that the Chi Rho House provides for the perfect Adirondack retreat.

Chi Rho House is available for use by church groups, schools, Social Service agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations, as well as private groups. 

Cost is based on useage, terms of use can be found here