Save the Other Half


We’ve been talking about this hike for more than 3 months. Tomorrow my daughter Hannah and I will hit the road at 4:30 AM to meet my other daughter, Maggie and son in law, Jason at the trailhead south of the Upper Works. Our plan is to hike the Santanoni Range (Santanoni, Panther, and Coucharaga). If all goes as planned we will get down to the Bradley Pond lean to before dark and laugh and joke about how sore we are.

Supposedly we are hiking to raise money for Fowler’s new, eco-friendly, Adirondack style, welcoming shower houses. Over 50 former and current summer staff are in on this too: covering every one of the 46 high peaks and raising close to $50,000. I’ll confess that I really don’t understand fundraising, but if it gives me a chance to go hiking with my kids, then I am all in favor!!

But another reason for me to get into the backcountry is to, in the words of Edward Abbey, “save the other half.” So much of my time as the Fowler Director is spent in meetings, or planning, or logistics, etc. I don’t want to forget why we want kids and youth and adults to get outside, to learn to care for the world, and in so doing image the love of the God who also “so loved the world…” I don’t want to forget what it’s like to lose my breath hiking a high peak only to have that breath that comes from God give me life again. I want to smell the sweat and mud and firs and fallen leaves and be part of the incense that rises to God each and every day.

My half that goes to meetings and sits in front of a computer needs the other half to be reminded of the good work that God calls us all to. Perhaps your other half needs that too.

Kent Busman