Meet your 2018 Chaplains!

Every week of the summer, we invite one or two ministers to come serve as our Chaplain for the week. Many of these ministers are local clergy serving churches and organizations in the capital region, but we also have ministers who travel from Michigan and Ohio to spend the week with us. These Chaplains work with our Summer Staff to present the summer theme to campers in a creative, meaningful, and spirit-led way. Because our Chaplain is different every week, the presentation of our theme is different every week. This allows campers, volunteers, and staff to engage with our summer theme in several different ways, creating a richer experience for everyone. 

This summer, our theme will revolve around the interactions between thoughts, prayers, and actions. We are excited to learn from these Chaplains as they take a week of their summer to come explore with us. If you want to learn more about our chaplains, click the button above!