Can You Please Explain: Triple A


We believe that  you're never too old to come to Camp

Are you wondering where the name "Triple A" comes from? Yeah, we get that a lot. Triple A stands for Adirondacks, Arts, and Aquatics and although the acronym has evolved over the years, the name stuck. Back in the 80s, we had three separate High School weeks: a adirondack adventure week, a fine arts week, and an aquatics/athletics week. We combined them into Triple A when we realized the value in doing a little bit of everything. Today, Triple A is our iconic, high school camp week. 

Triple A is designed for high school campers specifically and it's distinct from LEAD Week or Una Tierra (the other two options for high schoolers). We pull out all the stops for Triple A: our days are fuller and our nights are longer. It's one whole week of nonstop energy and adventure! Discovery time and vespers are rich times to dive into the word together and look for the movement of God in this world and in our lives. We sing songs and tell stories around a campfire every night and send our seniors out into the world at worship on Friday. It's a beautiful way to spend a week of your summer, especially as you prepare to head out into the world beyond high school.

One of our favorite unplanned things about Triple A is the mornings. We intentionally move our schedule back for Triple A a half hour later than it is all the other weeks of camp. We started doing this because we thought high schoolers like to sleep in. However, what we have found is that Triple A campers don't use that time to sleep in. Many of them wake up early, come down to the porch at Fenimore Hall, and just sit and talk with one another and with staff. It's a really delightful time of fellowship and community that we had nothing to do with on a staff level. It's really special.

One of our other favorite parts of Triple A are our challenge trips. Each day, we offer one session that is marked as our "challenge trip" of the day. This is a more difficult trip than any of the other sessions offered that day. We will often go hike a high peak, embark on the impossible canoe full of bushwhacks and river miles, and search for lost waterfalls. This is a great way to challenge yourself and explore corners of the Adirondacks that are less traveled! 

Overall, Triple A is a week full of campers who really want to be at camp. We often hear them talk about how they welcome a week of rest; where they don't have to have their cell phones on them, where they can take a break from their normal lives. There's a community that exists in Triple A that is built out of many years spent at camp together; but there's always room for newcomers to join in. 

We believe that you're never too old to come to camp. Triple A is proof of that. 

Fowler Webmaster