Why You Should Come to Camp Fowler This Summer

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"You'll experience life as it should be, life as it could be."

Why should you come to Camp Fowler? There are a million things vying for your attention, tempting you for your time, telling you how you can make your summer count: sport trainings, science camps, leadership workshops, volunteer opportunities, jobs, resume building, family vacations, summer school, studying. The list goes on. We know that Camp Fowler is is another one of those activities, another week of your summer filled, another chunk of change from your wallet. And we know what we’re stacked up against. If you come to Camp Fowler, we can’t promise that you will make the basketball team; we can’t promise you higher scores on the SAT; we can’t promise that you’ll get into college; we can’t promise that you’ll always be perfectly comfortable. We can’t promise you those things—and we don’t want to. Because, at Camp Fowler, we strongly, deeply, fervently believe that life is more than success, that who you are is more than what you have achieved, and that what we can do together is far more important than what you can do on your own. 

    So we can’t promise you what a lot of other summer opportunities can. But, if you come to Camp Fowler, we can promise you this: you will find adventure, rest, and wonder; you will meet strangers who are different from you and you will leave as friends; you will get to play with and sing with and laugh with adults who care deeply about you; you will experience the world as something much bigger than yourself; you will swim in lakes and paddle canoes and eat homemade bread and roast marshmallows and sing songs and look up at the stars; you’ll experience life as is should be, life as it could be; and we think you’ll leave changed. After a week at Fowler, you’ll leave a little more hopeful, a little more engaged, a little more connected this great big world. You’ll experience community, simplicity and caring for the world all in the context of being hospitable and open; to the experiences of others, to the beauty of the world, and to the still, small voice of God.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be posting regularly to tell you more about why we think you should come to Camp Fowler. We want to tell you a little bit more about how we practice hospitality, how we engage in community, how we prioritize simplicity, and how we care for the world. We would love to have you join us in these practices.

So: Why should you come to Camp Fowler? Let us tell you. 

Fowler Webmaster