We are conducting our fundraising for this event through a platform called crowdrise. It’s a user friendly, nonprofit-centered platform well suited for events exactly like 46 for 46. You will easily be able to direct donors to your specific page to contribute to your fundraising goal. To join the fundraiser, you have two options: to create a fundraising team or to join an existing team. Learn how to do both in the tutorials below. Feel free to get fundraising as soon as you feel ready!


create a team

A team is comprised of a group of Former Staff who are hiking together (i.e. a group of 3 hiking the entire MacIntyre Range). One group member will be the team creator and take point on creating the team page.

  1. Follow this link to the 46 for 46 fundraising home page

  2. Click “Join”, then click “Create your own team.”

  3. Create a crowdrise account with your email and a password

  4. Name your team and set your fundraising goal (suggested goal is $1,000 per peak)

  5. Click “Next,” then click “Go to your Campaign”

  6. Click “Edit” on your Team Page

  7. Customize your team landing page as you wish. You may want to update the default story to share your personal connection with Fowler or add photos of your team from your time on Staff.

  8. Invite the other members of your group to join your fundraising team!

join a team

If someone from your group has already created your team page on Crowdrise, you can simply join it. If you are planning to do a solo hike, you should create a 1 person team. You need to know the name of your team in order to join it.

  1. Follow this link to the 46 for 46 fundraising home page

  2. Click “Join,” then click “Join a Team”

  3. Find your team name on the list of teams and click on it

  4. Create a crowdrise account with your email and password

  5. Click “Join the team”

  6. Customize your landing page as you wish to explain to your donors your personal reasons for participating in this event

  7. Start fundraising by sharing the link to the page you just created!

fundraising tools


We’ve put together a media kit of information to help you as you ask for donations. To appeal to different audiences, we’ve created materials that take 3 different approaches to communicating the value of our new shower houses. We hope this gives you the flexibility to tailor your ask to different people by choosing the angle you think might be the most compelling to them. We’ve also included materials that explain the project as a whole if that would be more useful. For each approach, you’ll find the same information designed for four different platforms: facebook, instagram, email, and print. We hope this highly customizable media kit supports you in your fundraising efforts. However, remember that most people will donate because they want to support you; if you are able to communicate why this project is special for you, that will be the most compelling. Feel free to tag us @campfowler on instagram or “Camp Fowler” on facebook in your fundraising posts.


frequently asked questions

What should my fundraising goal be?

We are suggesting a fundraising goal of $1,000 per summit. We will not assign more than one summit per person. For example: if you have a group of 3 assigned to hike three mountains, your team’s fundraising goal would be $3,000.

Can I only collect donations online through crowdrise?

The short answer is no. However, it is easiest for us to track if the bulk of the donations come through crowdrise. If someone wants to donate via cash or check, we suggest they write the check out to you and then you make a donation of that amount to your page. If a donor is uncomfortable making the check out to you, they can make it out to Camp Fowler and write “46 for 46: <Your Name>” in the memo line. Please mail it to: Camp Fowler 1790 Grand Blvd. Schenectady, NY 12109.

What’s the fundraising deadline?

You should aim to have your funds raised before the October 11, 2019.

What if I don’t raise the money?

We won’t kick you out of the event, but please do everything in your power to reach your goal. It’s a fundraiser after all!