Camp Fowler

since 1954

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Volunteer Staff
Volunteer Staff are the heart of summer camp, providing the link between camp and home. Serving as an integral part of daily experiences, volunteer staff play a role in each child's week at camp. More information

 SWiMs  (Students Working in Ministry)

Each summer, high school students can apply to spend two weeks at camp assisting staff and campers with their daily activities. SWiMs have a unique role at Fowler as they get to experience camp life both in  and behind the scenes. More Information

Camp Nurse
Each week we need an RN  to serve as our on-call nurse. You stay in the infirmary and help insure a safe and fun week for all of our campers.

 Summer Staff

Summer Staff spend an entire summer at the forefront of Camp Fowler's ministry.  Staff lead sessions, run evening programs, and sometimes wonder why they are getting paid. More Information

Weekly Chaplain

Each week we have a pastor from one of our Reformed Churches come up to teach the campers about the summer theme!  More information