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Welcome to CAMP 2018!

Please read prior to registering!

  1. Immunization list and Medical Authorization form due at check-in.
  2. Non-Refundable deposit is $150 and is NOT 'refundable.'
  3. Register by the grade in this school year: 2017/18.
  4. 'CIRCLE of FRIENDS' is still available. Some weeks have restrictions.
  5. Online registration requires credit card payment.
  6. All required waivers are reviewed through the registration process.
  7. Once registered you can 'LOG back into' your account to make payments.
  8. Camp fee is $425 (unless otherwise noted).
  9. 'Mini Camp' ends on WEDNESDAY.
  10. 'Mini Una Tierra' is ONLY for grades 3 - 8.
  11. YOU can join the 'Parent Patron*' Scholarship fund and help a child to camp.
  12. Full balance due paid by June 24. A late payment fee may be applied.


Register NOW!

*("Parent Patrons" help other parents by donating $25 to the fund. The fund is used strictly to assist families in crisis and true financial need. Each year Camp Fowler gives upwards of $18,000 a year to support children from these families so that they too can come to camp. You can help. You can help bring a child to Camp Fowler who might not otherwise be able to do so.  A child who is called to Camp Fowler can't always arrive but with your help, a true difference could be made in the life of a child. They could, like your child arrive and return home, like many campers do, changed, happy, singing with joy and laughter arm and arm with a new lifelong friend. With $25 you can make an enormous difference.)

Uncle Kent Shares why camp is ending on Friday for most weeks


Camp is READY! Are You and Your Child READY?

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Dear Parents,
Do you need a room to rent when either dropping your child off at camp, or picking them up? We have a limited number of rooms available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

You can view our calendar by clicking this link: rental calendar.

Click this link to place a reservation: room reservation.

Please call 518-631-6789, until July 1, with specific questions.  After July 1, please use 518-548-6524. The room fees are per night and include lodging only: $100 for a room in Chi Rho with a queen and twin bed, $80 for a room in Chi Rho with 2 twin beds or $40 to stay in a camper cabin.  Summer rooms are rented only to parents with children attending Camp Fowler.